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25 Web Developer Portfolio Examples from Top Developers

This web developer portfolio, which is made by and for Andrew Borstein, is an excellent example of a good general portfolio. It has all the key factors and features that make a portfolio successful, as well as its own unique style. The website of web developer Raf Derolez is modern and informative. It exhibits his unique personality, branding, and developing skills in a simple and straightforward way.

  • The number of people in this profession is growing substantially.
  • The website’s homepage clearly presents information about his skills and the services he offers.
  • He works on website design, branding, logos, photography and more.
  • Good ideas for projects and good design standards to share and compare, that is the goal of this article.

This portfolio showcases that the developer has a unique style and knows how to highlight it. You can gather virtually everything you need to know about Gift after viewing her portfolio. This links directly to Gift’s social accounts and developer accounts, such as her Github, which further proves her expertise, skills, and the breadth of her career. Another fun journey; this one’s personalized with a “Me-moji” from Apple. Keep in mind that if you’re a UI/UX designer, your portfolio should also showcase accessibility.

Make your contact information easy to find

Having a picture and description about yourself can help people get to know the person behind the code. Sharing your story and personality in your portfolio can help employers envision you working with the rest of the team. For web developers, a personal portfolio page is like a resume. Instead of listing your skills on a resume in the traditional how to become a front end developer way, you can prove your competence with a personal portfolio. Front end developer website portfolio by Matt FarleyMatt’s portfolio has pretty much all the information you need about his expertise in design and coding. Decorated with an avatar on his homepage easily sends a friendly and easy-going first impression to the visitors.

front end developer portfolios

The goal is to provide a comprehensive look into a diverse range of projects and clients you’ve worked with, without overwhelming a hiring https://remotemode.net/ manager with an endless scroll of work. Additionally, creating a portfolio is an important exercise in self-branding and self-reflection.

Web Developer Portfolio Examples

The Lounge Lizard website is another example of a web developer portfolio you can take ideas from. A unique yet expertly designed layout can be found in the design firm’s portfolio from New York. For web designers who are eager to establish their brand identity and reputation on their website as soon as feasible, their portfolio serves as a fantastic model. Edgar’s online portfolio is an excellent illustration of how to use vibrant color while maintaining a simple, uncluttered design.

If you’re less comfortable with this more technical side of the role, try to find a mentor to review your work prior to posting. A portfolio is the key to displaying your front-end skills to potential employers. A resume is important for reference, but a simple list of your skills won’t stand out the way your projects will. Hopefully, you found some inspiration for your own portfolio with the projects listed here. For more tips, check out our guide to creating a technical portfolio. Fifth on our list of web developer portfolio examples is Cory’s website.

I am passionate about building excellent software that improves the lives of those around me. I specialize in creating…

After all, you don’t want your visitors to have a bad user experience. You’ll also want to connect to your coding communities, such as GitHub. Sharing your open-source code projects is a great way to bolster your portfolio. You can show off your JavaScript or Python projects from your portfolio to help with this. For example, you might use LinkedIn or Twitter to stay engaged with fellow developers. The more you can show you are engaged on these social platforms, the more employers will see how communication skills are essential to you.

6 Key Indicators to Build A Portfolio Website as A Developer – Analytics Insight

6 Key Indicators to Build A Portfolio Website as A Developer.

Posted: Tue, 20 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

He highlights his education and freelance projects with a neat and solid backstory. This portfolio can be an excellent reference for junior developers who are just starting their careers. Jesse Zhou’s website is another web development portfolio to inspire developers that work in different areas. Using Three.js and Blender, Zhou created a 3D portfolio with an interactive experience to showcase his skills, experiences, and hobbies. Maxime Bonhomme is a full-stack developer and former technical lead at Everpress.

Amazing animations can showcase your coding skills and make your website look unique. Web developer portfolio websites will sometimes break down portfolios into different services. Having a web developer portfolio is a great way to showcase your work.

  • Regardless of the content of the pages, you want to be sure that your page is perfect on the back end.
  • They picked a problem to solve or a hobby they could explore with their coding skills.
  • Once you’ve picked a deadline, you will know if you need to make the design simpler in some places to explore others.
  • Despite having a simple design, it is intuitive and easy to use.
  • Jack Jeznach has been connected with the web development industry on a professional level for years.
  • Finally, when planning your site design, think about how and where you’ll feature yourself and not just your work.
  • Make sure you create an inviting design so they are keen to stick around and browse through your front end portfolio.

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